C&C Communications has successfully designed and executed hundreds of noteworthy PR campaigns, including intimate niche projects, large scale promotional events, and even larger scale publicity campaigns, resulting in truly spectacular awareness for our clients.

To sample a few of these projects we invite you to explore the “examples” drop down menu above, or click directly on the  links below.

100th Anniversary Titanic Event

Dakota Daulby – Actor

Film Festival Gala – Nebraska

Hellbound? – A Documentary

Jan Sam – Artist Launch

Joe Avati – World Comedy Tour

Marvel Superhero Summer

Megamind – Mega Month Event

Pancake Manor – YouTube Channel

Paranormal Activity 3 Tweet To See It First

SpongeBob SquarePants – Costume Tour

Star Trek – Red Carpet Premiere

Vogville Presents: The Matinée

World War Z – Zombie Apocalypse