World War Z – Zombie Apocalypse

As part of the worldwide promotional campaign for the Brad Pitt summer blockbuster movie World War Z, C&C Communications created a special red carpet event screening, complete with… Zombies!

With the team work of The Beat 94.5 FM and the New Image College of Fine Arts, a red carpet was set up in the theatre lobby featuring a step-and-repeat back drop for photo opportunities with our special Zombie VIPs. Audience members went crazy for the Zombie Apocalypse while the radio station’s street team members took photos and posted them to various social media outlets where word of the event and the upcoming movie spread as quickly as the Zombie virus.

To promote World War Z on opening day, we coordinated further with the New Image College of Fine Arts (and their very talented group of acting and make-up students) to have more Zombies appear on multiple segments of the popular breakfast show CTV Morning Live. The segment where the Zombies lunged at CTV film critic Jim Gordon on air was especially memorable and got a lot of people talking, creating further buzz for the movie release.

World War Z subsequently went on to become Brad Pitt’s largest box office draw to date, worldwide.

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